Parents of Arin Garg and Viaan Garg

The tennis journey for my twin boys started two years back at age seven with coach Lorena’s group class. After the end of the class, she came up to me and my wife, ‘Hey would you guys be interested in enrolling your kids in Coach Jason’s class? He is putting together a special class for select kids’.

And since that day, Coach Jason’s class have been the highlights of their week. Watching kids learn from coach Jason and tennis is only one part of the journey has been so wonderful. He is a brilliant coach who is truly invested in the success of his students. His ability to treat kids as adults encourage open dialogue and creates an environment where every kid pushes each other forward. Even in group classes he can give specific feedback to every individual and ensure they practice to get better. He focuses a great deal on being disciplined and trains his students on the physical and mental aspects of the game, which I believe, if not more is equally important in today’s age.

As parents, your job gets much easier when you know your kids’ coach is working equally hard to ensure your kid reaches his/her potential.

Thank you, Coach Jason, and looking forward to your continued mentoring.